tufted titmouse

Nuthatch and Titmouse

I love all birds, but 2 of my favorite would have to be the nutchatch and the tufted titmouse, we have a homemade bird feeder in our backyard, that Erica built, it seems that both will not get on the feeder at the same time. Here is a photo of a nuthatch I took back in November of this year.


I have been sitting out in our back yard, and when the nuthatch is eating from the bird feeder, the titmouse will go to one of our trees and wait until the nuthatch is done, then he or she will go to the feeder. 

tufted titmouse

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Birds Love Rain Puddles

I was walking around in our backyard, with my camera, and it had rained earlier, so our back yard, had several rain puddles. I saw a mockingbird in one of the puddles, bathing I had to get some pictures I enjoy watching birds splashing in the water.


Mockingbirds are one of my favorite birds, in our area, I enjoy there songs they sing, they can do so many sounds sometimes “sing” the sounds of people whistling, frogs croaking, and doorbells ringing. Although all adult male mockingbirds sing during the day, only a bachelor sings at night. The night music that’s driving you crazy is a love song. 


One thing I never knew about any birds, is some like to eat hard cat food, I feed several outside cats, and I noticed a mockingbird getting a piece of hard cat food, and cardinals do it too.  when I took these photos of the mockingbird splashing in the rain puddle, I was so happy to see the mockingbird enjoying the rain puddle. 


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American Robin

It’s Getting Cold Out

It is December now, winter season, getting darker sooner, several hours sooner, so bundle up, take your camera outside with you, and get some amazing pictures of wildlife. Leaves have almost fallen from trees, beautiful. This is a picture I took last week, of a beautiful American Robin.

American Robin

One of my favorite birds, we have in our area are the Downy Woodpeckers, the way they take a nut to a tree, and crack it open…just so adorable.

Downy Woodpecker

Here in Louisville Kentucky, we have a lot of Northern Cardinal birds, and over the summer we saw many baby cardinals, more then we have ever seen, This picture is of a female cardinal, may be one of the babies, almost grown.

Female Cardinal

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