Rusty Is Almost 17

Our Persian Male, will be 17 soon

Rusty when he was a baby

We got Rusty when he was a kitten, we bought him as pet, the lady we bought him from said he was last one to be sold. I have no ideal why, he is adorable.

When he was just a kitten, we let him sleep with us at night, and he would lay on top of our pillows, and it took him awhile to learn how to meow, I thought something was wrong with him, but it wasn’t he caught on soon enough.

I have always loved cats, when we first got Rusty, we had a female cat, her name was Sugar, she was almost 20, when she passed away, still miss her. 

Countdown To Rusty’s 17th Birthday!!


So on March 3rd 2019, Rusty will be 17 years old, and I hope he is here with us more to come.

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