My First Nature Photos Of 2018

Hawk Photographs

Hawk sitting on branchIt is February 6th 2018, I was sitting on the couch, in our back room, I was looking out the window I saw a bird landing on a branch, looked like a fairly big bird, I got up, changed the lens on my canon 80d camera, sat back down, hoping the bird was still there, and it was…..I took a few pictures, I wondered if I quietly stepped on back steps if it would leave….


So I quietly opened the door, snapped a few more pictures, came back in sat back down on the couch, looked at the hawk, I saw a second one land beside the first one, snapped a few photos of both of them… I cannot wait for warm weather to get here, so that I can get out and take all kinds of photos of nature, wildlife, flowers, the sky, insects…I just love nature….

I think hawks are one of the most beautiful birds that I have seen, they are very smart, loyal to each other, so whenever I see them I always try to get the best pictures of them I possibly can, which is not always a easy task, but I do my best with the knowledge that I have when it comes to nature photography, it has been a hobby of mine for many years now and I hope to keep doing it for many more years to come, its fun…

Hawks In Tree


I am really thankful to my wife, for buying me this camera, canon80d, I have 2 lenses with it, 18-300 and one for macro…I still have a  lot to learn on how to use it, but it is fun trying…. the camera we had before this one was the Nikon l820 and we still have that camera it is still a good camera

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